About pilates

PILATES IS HOT. And not without reason. It is the ultimate work out to improve your posture, with an emphasis on your core. Studio 9 offers Reformer Pilates,Pilates Mat and Private classes. All our classes provide you with a high intensity workout and challenge you to focus on a good performance of the exercise. This results in a stronger, more flexible and leaner body.



Reformer pilates

Reformer Pilates is the perfect workout. In no time you will feel tighter, fitter and more energetic. This high energy work out in combination with the resistance of the Reformer will cause you to burn over 500 calories and show results in no time! In a 60 minute work out all your muscles will be put to work.

Personal attention is important to our team of qualified professionals. Reformer Pilates can be done in a private class or a small group of max. 8 people. If you have no previous experience with the Reformer, that’s no problem! We do recommend taking a private class before joining a group class to get comfortable with the Reformer.

- Warning: too much pilates can make you superhot -

pilates Mat

Pilates Mat classes improve your posture and increases strength. Your core muscles will be put to work. Next to that, each class provides a full body workout. Resulting in a more flexible, toned and strong body. After the class you feel fit, flexible and bursting with energy.

During our Pilates Mat class you feel that the movements and your body weight are working against gravity. This requires full focus. It’s a body & mind thing. 

A good performance of the exercises is essential when it comes to Pilates. That’s why we keep our groups small (max. 11 participants), to make sure there is enough attention and guidance for each individual in class. After a few classes you will already feel and see the difference!


- hustle for that muscle-


personal training

Do you have specific wishes or injuries? We are happy to work with you in a private class. We’ll look at your posture, talk about your goals and look into any injuries that you might have. Based on this, our professionals will create a tailor made program for you, including workouts that will quickly contribute to improving your wellbeing and strength. After purchasing a private class, we will contact you asap to schedule an appointment at a time that works for you.