manon fakkeldij

Meet Manon Fakkeldij. The founder of Studio 9. After a career in fashion she decided to pursue her biggest dream: starting her own Pilates studio. Dancing and exercise have always been an significant part of her life and in Pilates she has found the perfect way to express that passion.

“I want my clients to experience the same as I do: a feeling of strength, flexibility and lightness in your own body, a sense of control over your movements and relaxation. And afterwards feeling more fit and energized!”

– Manon Fakkeldij

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our team

We would like to introduce you to the Studio 9 team. All qualified and all deeply passionate about Pilates. We have a lot in common, but definitely leave room for differences in background and personality. That makes our classes very diverse. We can recommend you to join classes from different instructors and discover what style suits you best!


Favorite Pilates exercise: Teaser!

Gladys has found her passion for Pilates at Studio 9. If you ask her what she can’t live without: Her daughter and… Pilates!


Favorite Pilates exercise: No Spring Flows

Because less springs isn't always easier ;-). For Kimberley, Reformer Pilates is thé way to get beautiful, lean and strong muscles without 'throwing' with weights in the gym (let's be honest, an hour together on the Reformer is much more fun, isn't it?). Kimberley can't live without her little fluffy friend Beertje.



For Marthe, Pilates is the best way to truly put her body to work. And what she can't do without? Music! Listening, creating, concerts... everything is better with music. Her favorite workout song is "Losing it" by Fisher.